Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Reunion 2008

Well the reunion was at the KOA in Washington, Pa on July 12, 2008. The reunion was great.
The family was able to swim all day, and the weather was perfect. They cooked hot dogs and hamburgers all day on the grill. Everyone brought lots of wonderful things to eat.
Ronnie was a master on the grill and he made some wonderful Jambalaya. I was really happy to see Carla (Billy's ex-wife but still thought of as family) was able to attend. Carla made a wonderful dessert yummy. She should totally let us in on how she did that. We had alot of baked beans, pasta salad, scalloped potatoes, the only thing missing was some of Pappy Leon's finger lickin' BBQ chicken.
Now on for the activities. We did alot of tip boards and different people won but, the number 14 just kept coming up. Congrats to everyone who won on a tip board.
We had a 50/50. Luann Leon won $70.00. Congrats to you.
I was really glad to see Butch Uphold (Luann's ex-husband but still thought of as family) there with the family. Friendship lasts a life time.
On to the activities. Harmony did a wonderful job of having lots of stuff for the younger children to do. They played Bingo, made gaint bubbles, made snow cones, and had lots of prizes. I some of the adults got together and played some volleyball.
On to the auction. Well Harmony played Vanna White, Ronnie was the auctioneer, and Sandy was the record keeper. We did really well on the auction.
RaeAnn talked the the people at the KOA and found out that they are going to stop renting the place out to the public, BUT we have always taken good care, and cleaned up so well they let us rent it again next year. Way to go STONERS.
We had a gaint family photo taken this year, and I love it. I hope everyone else loved it as much as I did.

I had a really good time. It was totally worth flying in to Pennsylvania. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did.
The reunion will be the second Saturday in July next year. So mark your calendars. (JULY 11th)

We will be updating the website from time to time with news on the family, ideas for the reunion, and any stories you would like to share about when the family was together. All stories, and ideas are always welcome.

Echo Kirkland

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Now that the 4th of July has passed it is REUNION time. Echo is flying in from Georgia this year! Remember to email me anything yo want posted on the internet! swaney747@verizon.net

Thursday, March 6, 2008

5 generations

Congratulations Lisa! You were the first one to respond to the Stoner Blog. 5 generations.
If you would like a picture or a memory or congrats. Please forward them to stonerfamilyreunion@yahoo.com new baby, graduation, promotion....?

Three years ago I started the Uphold Reunion and it has came a long way in 3 years www.upholdreunion.blogspot.com After talking about it to Gram (Rachel) she said I wish we could all get together like we used to. So after she said it a few times I decided to invite some family up to Tub Run one weekend and talk about it. We said lets do it. And what fate brought us was a opportunity. Someone in the Linton family had an overbooking at the KOA and got another day free. WOW... then it all came together. Rachel was so excited and worried that no one would come.....Boy was she wrong. I can say this was the first time we have been all together since Aunt Peggy was around. I was very little then but what a blast. As adults we say ahh..who cares if I see all of the family. Well in the end family is all you have. I want my kids to know they have plenty of family....cousins cousins cousins..... We were blessed with a big family so it is up to our generation to keep it strong. It is the Reunion...1 Day to see the people that you hold dearest in your heart. You may not see these people all year but you know they are there. For you and your kids. So when in doubt of coming to the reunion this year remember its not just for you its for the kids. ITS OUR LEGACY. and what a wonderful one it is.